Level-Up Your Skills With Sex Furniture

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If you and your partner have ever attempted freaky moves in the bedroom, you’ll know that some of them require more exertion than you may have expected. The Kamasutra may understand what it’s talking about in adventurous sex, but it could also be mistaken for a yoga workout. Sex should be fun, but sometimes it gets tiring. Many sex positions require one or both partners to maintain strenuous positions that test their flexibility. Therefore, these positions are rarely comfortable and only last for short periods. Sex furniture has the sole purpose of making sex more comfortable and fun. Sex furniture supports one or both partners’ weight during certain sex positions and allows you to hit angles of penetration not possible without it. But what exactly is sex furniture, and how can you incorporate it into the bedroom to level up your skills?

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Sex Furniture: 101

Sex furniture consists of pillows, wedges, and even stools or chairs explicitly designed to make certain sex positions easier for couples to enjoy. Sex pillows and wedges are typically firm foam that’s soft enough to be comfortable yet strong enough to hold the weight of two people. They are soft, water-resistant material that is easy to wash and feels gentle on the skin. Sex chairs or stools are wood and strong plastic materials. Couples can use sex furniture to reach different angles of penetration and make oral sex more comfortable for the giver and receiver. Sex furniture may also be helpful for those with physical disabilities or injuries who find many sex positions uncomfortable or impossible to perform. There are different types of sex furniture designed for various sex positions, foreplay, fantasies, and more. Choosing the correct type of sex furniture for you depends on the interests of you and your partner. You can find most sex furniture online from independent retailers and on Amazon. Some adult sex stores may also carry some pieces of sex furniture. Below are some of the more common types of sex furniture available.

Types of Sex Furniture


Wedges are typically foam and have water-resistant fabric covering. They come in various sizes depending on your preferences. Wedges resemble wedge pillows you would use for sleeping, but these sex wedge pillows are for much more than sleeping (wink wink). Most couples use sex wedges to support their hips, neck, or back to allow for more comfortable positioning during sex. For example, couples can place a sex wedge under a female partner’s hips during missionary sex to elevate her hips and allow deeper penetration and better G-spot stimulation. Wedges are a more affordable and less conspicuous piece of sex furniture that many couples like.


Sex ramps look like wedges but are much larger and may have a steeper incline. You can use ramps during different sex positions to allow support for the back, neck, or hips. Ramps are typically large enough for either partner’s entire torso to lean on. The sex ramp can be used during doggy-style sex, for example, to support the receiving partner’s upper body while their partner penetrates them from behind.

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Loungers/ Sex Couches

Loungers resemble a chicly designed couch or chaise lounge chair that you might put in a fancy living room. But sex loungers and couches are made for much more than sitting. These large pieces of sex furniture make penetrative and oral sex easier to accomplish. The sex couches or loungers generally have multiple dips that fit perfectly with the curve of your body when lying on one. Loungers help couples find the perfect height adjustment for sex positions that a bed or regular couch can’t provide.


Mounts are pieces of sex furniture that may resemble a wedge or block. They provide the opportunity to easily and comfortably mount a vibrator or dildo so that you can enjoy some sexy alone time or while you please your partner orally. Mounts may come in handy during threesomes or group sex to stimulate every partner involved.

Queening Stools

Queening stools are small, short stools made from various materials. This piece of sex furniture may resemble a regular sitting stool, except that the seat is missing its bottom. Queening stools allow one partner to sit on the stool while their partner performs oral sex on them from below. A queening stool is ideal for couples who like to “face fuck” one another but find squatting on their partner’s face tiring or uncomfortable. Understandably, some partners might not want to suffocate, or be suffocated, in the process.

Sex Bouncer

A sex bouncer resembles a queening stool in that it also provides a small seat with an open bottom that allows for penetration or oral sex. However, a sex bouncer’s seat is a flexible material that allows the user to bounce while partially supporting their weight during sex. There’s a small slit or hole in the bouncer’s seat that lets couples achieve penetration or oral. During cowgirl sex position, for example, the female partner can place the sex bouncer across her partner’s pelvis and use it to support her weight while she glides up and down along her partner’s penis or strap-on. A sex bouncer may be ideal for couples with specific disabilities or larger individuals afraid of placing too much weight on the partner below them.

How Do You Use Sex Furniture?

You use sex furniture to enhance your sexual experience during positions that you might otherwise find uncomfortable or impossible. You can use sex furniture alone or with your partner during standing and lying positions. What type of sex furniture you purchase will depend on what sex positions or angles of penetration you’re looking to try. Below are some examples of sex positions you can perform using different pieces of sex furniture.

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Sex Positions With Sex Furniture

The Butterfly Sex Position With Sex Wedge Pillow

The butterfly sex position involves the giving partner standing in front of their partner while their partner’s legs rest against their shoulders. The receiving partner’s buttocks will be on the edge of the bed while the giving partner penetrates them either vaginally or anally. The butterfly sex position is a variation of standing missionary sex that allows for deeper penetration and better access to the G-spot for female partner’s pleasure. You can incorporate a sex wedge pillow into the butterfly position by placing the wedge beneath the receiving partner’s hips. The wedge will tilt the receiving partner’s hips up slightly, enhancing the level of penetration and allowing for deeper thrusting. It may also be more comfortable than the traditional butterfly position because the receiving partner has more hip and lower back support with the wedge.

Standing Missionary With Ramp

The standing missionary sex position is another variation of the missionary position that involves the giving partner performing penetration while standing. The receiving partner will lie flat on their back on the bed with their butt as close to the edge of the bed as they can get it. The giving partner will then stand in front of their partner and grab hold of their legs as they thrust. Standing missionary position is ideal for partners who find standard missionary uncomfortable or want to change it up slightly. Adding a sex ramp into a standing missionary can make this position even more exciting by changing the entry angle. Place the sex ramp on the bed with the angled end lined up with the edge of the bed. The receiving partner will then sit on the edge of the bed and lean back on the ramp while bringing their knees to their chest. Their partner will then use their hands to press back against their legs as they penetrate them from a standing position. Standing missionary with the ramp changes the entry angle and makes this sex position more exciting. The giver will have a better view and access to their partner’s breasts and clitoris. It’s also a more vulnerable position for the receiving partner as their body is on full display for their partner. Couples can incorporate the sex ramp into their role-play to satisfy their BDSM kinks.

Doggy Sex With Lounger/Couch

Doggy-style sex is one of the most popular sex positions among both men and women. The primal sex position is animalistic in that it involves the giving partner taking their partner from behind. The receiving partner is traditionally on all fours on the bed as their partner stands or kneels behind them and penetrates them. Rear entry sex positions like doggy-style are easier with sex furniture like loungers and couches. Couples can incorporate sex couches into their doggy-style sex by having the receiving partner bend over the sex couch or lounger and use it as support for their upper body. Their partner can then stand behind them and penetrate them while comfortably leaning into the sex couch. The curved design of sex couches and loungers makes rear entry sex more comfortable for the receiver as it’s designed specifically for sexual purposes. Giving partners may also find that the height of sex couches and loungers is more appropriate for standing rear entry sex positions.

Oral Sex With a Queening Stool or Sex Bouncer

Both men and women alike love oral sex. Women who receive oral sex are more likely to experience an orgasm than from penetration alone. But, as enjoyable as oral sex is for the receiver, it’s sometimes straining on the giving partner’s neck for long periods. Queening stools or sex bouncers position the receiving partner in the perfect way to receive oral sex. The opening on the seat of a queening stool or sex bouncer allows their partner access to their naughty bits from below. The giving partner can comfortably lie on their back with their head and mouth below their partner on the stool. They can give their partner oral sex without straining their neck. In this way, oral sex can last for much longer, which is a major bonus for the receiving partner!

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Solo Pleasure With Mount and Sex Bouncer

For men and women who like to go at it alone, combining both a mount and a sex bouncer allows you to experience comfortable penetration without a partner. You can place a sex bouncer above a sex mount with a dildo or vibrator to get your solo penetration on more easily. While you could use a sex mount on its own to ride your vibrator or dildo, a sex bouncer will allow you to control the depth of penetration more easily. A sex mount may be especially helpful if you have difficulty balancing on your sex mount or are afraid of accidentally hitting that penetration too deep. Solo pleasuring with sex furniture comes in handy when your partner is away or if you have yet to find one. It’s also a fun way to practice your woman-on-top sex skills. As mentioned previously, mounts and bouncers are great additions to threesomes and orgies. Ensuring that every partner involved in group sex experiences stimulation can sometimes be difficult. With sex furniture like mounts and bouncers, everyone gets to experience sexual pleasure.

Is Sex Furniture Right for You?

There are no real disadvantages to sex furniture other than what does or doesn’t work for you. Many people who use sex furniture would agree that it enhances their sex life, but that doesn’t mean it will work for you. Every couple is different! You and your partner may not find that sex furniture is necessary for your current sex life. If you and your partner are satisfied with what you have right now, then, as the saying goes, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” However, there’s no harm in trying something new, especially if you and your partner are on the more adventurous side. Sex furniture comes in varying price ranges from moderate to expensive. The larger and better-quality sex furniture you purchase is likely to be more expensive than a smaller sex wedge pillow. If you’ve never tried sex furniture before, you may want to start with smaller, less costly pieces. Should it not blow your mind, you won’t have spent a great deal of money on it. Another thought to consider before purchasing sex furniture is how you’ll store it. You can easily store most smaller pieces of sex furniture (like queening stools and wedge pillows) under the bed or in a closet. However, a sex couch or lounger is much larger. If you have children or nosy roommates, you might not be comfortable having your sex furniture on full display. You may want to stick to smaller pieces or make sure you have a large enough space to store them before you purchase a larger piece.

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Safety Concerns

There are relatively few safety concerns associated with sex furniture as it’s to practice sex more comfortably and safely. But, should you or your partner ever feel discomfort when using sex furniture, you should stop, switch positioning, or remove the sex furniture. It may take a few tries for you and your partner to get used to having sex while incorporating pillows, stools, or other pieces of sex furniture into the bedroom. Don’t be afraid to experiment and tailor sex furniture to fit your needs better. It’s all about adding fun and spice into your sex life, not frustration and neck cricks.

In Summary

Couples looking to change up their bedroom routine and achieve greater sexual pleasure may benefit from using sex furniture. Sex furniture changes the angle and depth of penetration while also making some sex positions more comfortable. People who have physical difficulties either due to a disability or lack of flexibility may find sex furniture helps get the most out of certain sex positions. Various types of sex furniture are suited for every couple based on their needs and desires. While there are relatively few safety concerns when using sex furniture, there’s always a chance you may not find it comfortable for you. However, if you’re ready to level up your sex skills and enjoy even better sex, you’ll likely find that sex furniture helps you do that! 

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