the word gynesexual spelled out in scrabble tiles

The feminine mystique is something that has been documented for centuries. Song writers and poets have written about the many feminine virtues that drive men to their death. Artists have spent hours recreating the female form in all of her goddess-like appearance. There’s just something about women or rather, femininity, that is so worthy of

Female hip with rope, wax and whip, bondage

Years ago, popstar Rihanna released a song called S&M which most likely had your teenage self singing and dancing along to lyrics you didn’t comprehend. Nowadays, we bet that song takes on a different meaning in your adult mind. Sadomasochism (referred to as S&M) is sexual in nature and involves mixing pleasure with pain. But

the word androsexual spelled out in Scrabble tiles

Human sexuality is an ever evolving and expanding part of the human experience. Sexuality plays a role in the biological evolution and expansion of the human species. Sexual attraction is natural for us all and we can’t help who we like. There are various terms for describing one’s sexuality in regard to who we are

Macro of rose petals

When it comes to achieving the big “O” (orgasm), women have a more challenging time getting there than men. Especially during intercourse. There’s even a term used to describe the orgasm disparity between men and women, and it is too familiar to most women. The female clitoris is responsible for most women’s orgasms, yet few

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