woman and man sitting on sofa, looking nervous

Reverse psychology is when you do or say something but act like you try to convince someone that the opposite is true. It can be an effective tool for getting what you want, especially if your intentions are pretty straightforward. Reverse psychology has many different definitions and explanations. It’s not just something anyone can do

Woman with head in hand struggling with anxiety

Anxiety, as defined by the National Institute for Mental Health, is a chronic mental health disorder in which people display excessive worry about everyday things like work, their health, social interactions, and other activities of daily life. While it is normal for people to have some anxiety as circumstances change throughout life, feelings of uncontrollable

Depressed man in bed

The American Academy of Psychiatry describes mental illnesses as “health conditions involving changes in emotion, thinking, or behavior.” A mental illness is also any condition that causes disordered thinking that leads to emotional distress. Thus, mental illness is a blanket term that refers to all kinds of mental health disorders that can interfere with an individual’s social, family, or working life…

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