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Tinder has become an increasingly popular online dating app in the last decade. Creating a Tinder is quite the leap for the dating world. Whether you’ve been single for a while and are ready for a relationship, are looking for a hookup, or need some attention, Tinder will most likely have something for you. Psychology Today says, “Young adults use Tinder for various reasons, the main ones being: love and casual sex.” Haha. So how do you get started on the pursuit of love and, of course, casual sex?

Well, getting started on Tinder is pretty simple, download the dating app, make an account, and then create your profile. BOOM. That’s it, you’re good to go. If only it were that easy! Anyone who’s used the app can relate to the crushing anxiety of having to make their Tinder bio! The phrase short and sweet assaults your mind as you try to write a compelling bio for yourself in under 200 words. We all know we have so much more baggage than can fit in a short bio!

Some people have turned to research ways to make a great Tinder bio into a sort of hobby. We’d be remiss to say that’s not how we came to spreading our knowledge on the internet for all to see. To be honest, there are SO MANY different ideas of Tinder bios out there for every Tinder user. Some are funny, some get to the point straight away, and some won’t land you a future wife.

So, for whatever reason you’ve come to this here article, you should find the answers you’re looking for. Whether you need to know why on earth a clever tinder bio is needed or What the hell do I even say about myself? No matter the question, we’ve got an answer! So sit back, laugh at the funny bio, and even if you don’t find the one you’re looking for in this list, you’ll be provided with enough information to come up with your own!

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What Does My Tinder Bio Need?

First things first, let’s chat about the different characteristics that are desperately needed when it comes to a successful Tinder Bio. Honestly, you get one chance. Those girls are vigorous with their left and right-swiping. The literal only two things that are helping you stand out from the next guy are your pics and your bio. Everything else, mine as well not even exist.

Therefore, making your tinder Bio both attractive and humoring should be at the top of your list. Show off your personality, make them laugh, and hope for a right swipe. Follow these tips to make your Bio stand out more!

1. Make Something That Will Get Her to Message You First

Humans are definitely curious beings, so use that to your best advantage. No matter what the situation, “We just love to know the answers to things, even if there’s no obvious benefit.” Is there an obvious benefit of swiping right to you? Probably not. Either way though, swiping left and right sparks curiosity.

This is why leaving room for curiosity in your Tinder Bio is super important. Whether you leave a question or a bit of a challenge, the main goal should be to make them message you first! Intrigue, guys, it’s all about intrigue. According to CNN, a “Woman who messages a guy first . . . 30% of those messages turn into a conversation.” Help women spark that conversation with you!

Along with that, it’s also vital that your bio helps to make women comfortable messaging you first. If your bio says something like “I wanna fuck your brains out” then that might be a little bit intimidating and probably won’t spark any curiosity (can you blame her?). This is also the perfect time to make a funny Tinder bio.

Try these Tinder Bios if you want a girl to message you first:

I Run My Own Business

This simple sentence gives so much to work with. A girl can easily ask what business you run or what you do for a living. Leading with simple but conversation-building bios like this can have a significant impact on the way someone responds.

I Love Traveling! Ask My Favorite Place . . . And GO!

Add this to your Tinder bio and give girls another super easy road to take in sparking a conversation. Whether or not you have a ton of other points on your Bio, this one is a quick conversation starter. Not only are you providing a sentence starter, but you’re also going to be attracting girls who equally have an interest in traveling. It’s making a game of breaking the ice, providing a point to even starting the conversation.

A man is traveling and looking through the bus window

Prime Dog Facts Available Upon Request

It’s no doubt that having a dog has taken over most of the population, and they normally make for a pretty good Tinder bio. Especially if you’re considered a millennial and still using Tinder. Most likely, you can bond with about half of the other millennials on Tinder, solely by owning a dog; “Millenials recently overtook Boomers as the largest pet-owning cohort of Americans; by some estimates, more than half of them have a dog.” It’s no doubt that millennials are somewhat obsessed with their animals, often treating them more like children.

With simple tinder bios initiating a conversation about dogs, most girls will feel comfortable enough to hit you up. Although, you might want to actually have a few dog facts up your sleeve and be ready for the question to be asked! It’d be such a cute way to start talking, her actually requesting the facts and you being able to provide just that, with an extra kick of flirtation.

Insert Great Tinder Bio Here

This one is always super fun! The more clever girls will undoubtedly love to give you some Bio insight. This one is so simple and definitely could spark a good conversation with a variety of different personalities in the Tinder world. “People who use tinder are more likely to be single, outgoing, spontaneous, fun-loving, risk-takers.” If you’re looking to attract those risk-takers, then this is a great way to do exactly that.

But, be careful; it can also be a bit intimidating to girls who think you’re expecting someone super witty and funny. They might not be confident to hold up to that and actually swipe left. It all depends on whether or not you’re willing to take that risk. It might be worth it, though, especially if you find a girl with a similar sense of humor.

10 Feet Tall

Height is a HUGE make or break for some girls, and honestly, at this point, it has become sort of a joke and cliche in the Tinder world. Some girl’s first question is literally “How tall are you” to so many people on Tinder. “Height and weight matter; there is no shame in this. Often such criteria are important it stems from our own insecurities.” Therefore, we might as put a little spin on it. It’ll make everyone have a good time. “As people who regularly poke fun at themselves exhibit greater levels of emotional well-being.” Why not give it a shot?

It’s a great conversation starter. Trust me, girls will probably message you in disbelief and that’s exactly when you show your witty, clever side (I’m 10 feet tall… when standing on a chair!”).

You could even try to write your height in meters (if you’re in the US and writing it in feet in other countries). Especially in the US, most people have no idea what 136 meters mean. Say something like I’m 136 m and see if anyone comments “what’s 136 m?” You might actually get some responses with that (remember what we said about people being curious?).

2. Keep It Concise

Size may not necessarily matter in the dating world, but for a Tinder Bio, it certainly does. You have to remember that women have TONS of options when it comes to Tinder. Therefore, keeping your profile short and to the point will keep them from swiping left while on their “speed swiping streaks”. It’s actually been shown that “women rarely went on “yes” streaks. Only 1.3% of women spent their longest streak saying “yes”, while 43.1% spent their longest streak saying “no.” Sorry for that statistical letdown, boys.

Don’t panic, we got you! Here are a few concise, but to the point, Tinder Bio examples for guys that will get you the right-swipe!

Two Truths and a Lie

Do you remember playing this game throughout school, summer camps, and other life events? For some of us, it was actually something that made us super nervous! But for others, an answer was always roaring to go.

List 2 truths and a lie on your Tinder Bio and see if a potential match can actually guess which one is the lie. Make them funny! Talk about statistical things like penis size, height, or travel. The fun part is, you can make the statements are ridiculous as you like, but be sure the “lie” is believable!

List Your Height

If you’re taller than 5’10” (especially if you’re taller than 6′) then listing your height is probably one of the most guaranteed ways to get a girl to swipe right on you.

Sorry to anyone shorter than 5’10” but even if you list your height, some girls might be into it! And the good news with that is you’ll weed out any of the girls that are too particular anyways, only leaving the perfect match. We love our short kings here!

Tall and short basketball players

Pros and Cons

Listing a few pros and cons can either be a hit or miss. The good news is that it’s short, to the point, and gives a little insight into your personality, but on the other side, it’s almost overused. They’ve seen it all before, so make sure you come up with pros and cons that are witty and unique to you.

Dating Me Is Like…

This one is fun because it can be a real conversation starter. Whether you actually put what dating you is like or leave it as a fill-in-the-blank, it should spark some interest. Girls love to talk about themselves also, so let them fill in the blank!

They might reply and give some examples of what dating you may be like, or they’ll reply with what dating them may be like. Either way, it’s a fun and concise way to get the conversation started. Plus, who could not swipe right on a guy that says dating him is like chewing 5 gum (hopefully she’s seen those commercials!).

I’m Just Here For The Sex

Be honest and open! If you’re genuinely just here for hookups, tell them! First off, it’s definitely important to not waste people’s time, and girls will appreciate that. But it’s also important because some girls are just here for that too!

Whether it’s about focusing on your career or you just don’t want anything serious, it’s worth it to put that out there. Girls love to know that they can trust nothing else needs to happen other than having a good time. You might not get a ton of right swipes with this one, but you’ll more likely get exactly what you’re looking for.

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3. Provide Imagery

One thing that’s often even considered the golden rule of writing is, “Show, don’t tell is one of the most frequently given pieces of advice among writers.” Think about it, you are writing the perfect bio. It may be small but it’s still a writing piece. All about you! Using writing advice is somewhat important in this case.

What exactly does show, don’t tell mean? Well, it’s quite simple if you think about it. Help people reading your Bio to paint a picture in their mind, rather than just read it. It’s honestly quite boring to sift through 100 Tinder profiles a day, constantly reading the same boring Bios. Give more! Paint a picture, and use these examples to help:

I Might Have Graduated With Honors, But I Didn’t Miss Out

This one might need to be articulated into something a bit more personal, but hopefully, you can get the picture. This Bio is saying that you’re both smart and adventurous. Whether those adventures are travel, parties, drugs, or music, you’re not directly telling. It might both spark some questions and get the point across.


Traveling is undoubtedly a HUGE part of a personality. Finding someone who can match up is often quite difficult. Using a profile that shows and doesn’t tell about your travels attracts people who know the acronyms for different places, while also not making you seem like a total travel snob.

The Most Exciting Thing I’ve Ever Done…

What’s the most exciting thing you’ve ever done? Skydived? Went shark diving in South Africa? Snorkeling in Mexico? Whatever it was, use it to your advantage. Honestly, even the simplest thing can be made out to sound like the most exciting and that’s coming directly to you, from guess who, a writer.

Stating the most exciting thing can definitely spark a conversation. Especially if it’s something like skydiving, you’d be surprised at how many people can relate to that experience! Even admitting that the craziest thing you’ve ever done was pet llamas at the local petting zoo, a cute picture to go with that is more than likely to earn a right-swipe.

Yellow paraglider over the Green Mountain slope

I’ve Been Around The Sun 26 Times

Finding different ways to show your age can be pretty cool. Obviously, your Tinder Bio shows your age anyways, but it can be pretty fun to make that into something more exciting. It also might help to spark a conversation because it shows that you’re pretty witty and cool. Girls love a guy who can make them laugh and something as simple as this might make them want to swipe right.

Let’s Get a Drink and See Where the Night Goes

This one is simple and also holds about an ounce more confidence than the other tinder bios on this list. It might come as surprise to some, but going to a guy’s house for the first meetup normally isn’t the best plan; “Your meet-up should take place in a public and populated space. For the first few dates at least, avoid meeting at private locations or in a home.” Pretty evidently this is often for safety measures, but also just for overall comfort. Giving the vibe that you’re totally into meeting up in a public space will add an extra level of comfort for those swiping right on you! Plus, this gives you the opportunity to try out all of those bar tricks you saw on YouTube.

4. Avoid These Most Common Mistakes

Tinder Bio mistakes definitely happen, and they happen to even the sexiest Tinder users out there. It’s no doubt that someone inexperienced and under researched in the Tinder world has made some of these mistakes at some point in their lives. Avoiding these will probably help you to enhance your Tinder Bio by about 100%.

Don’t Be Boring!

Listing boring interests usually doesn’t get a right swipe. Something like, “I’ll cook you dinner”. Great, not only does that make girls uncomfortable to go to your house, but also, how good of a cook are you really? You’re kind of setting your limits quite high with that one.

Spice it up with, Our third date will be a grilled cheese contest. Now, that’s fun!

Or something to that effect, anyway! Food is an extremely important part of relationships and culture in general. It’s deeply rooted in our love and well-being; “In our brains, at least, food really is connected to love and a sense of well-being.” Don’t dim down that culture with something as simple as “I can cook”. Great, you know how to be an adult. Whoopdie do!

Young couple making pizza at home together

Being Overly Sexual Isn’t a Turn-On

Yes, Tinder might be central for hookups, but that doesn’t mean you need to flaunt how sexual of a being you are. Casual sex doesn’t always work for women, and it’s certainly not a turn-on. “Guys think about sex more often. And casual sex works better for men.” Be careful with that because women are not necessarily dying to swipe right on someone who says, “I want to take you to my Red Room”. Yes, everyone loves a good Fifty Shades reference, but your sex room in your basement? It might be a little bit more creepy than Christian Grey’s “about $20,000 total” Red room. So, just be mindful of that.


Coming up with the best Tinder Bio can be super challenging for guys. Especially because girls are quite picky and not always fair with their swiping. With that in mind, following the 3 best characteristics of a successful Tinder Bio might just get you exactly where you need to be. And also, don’t forget to avoid the 3 most common mistakes!

With all of that information, your Tinder Bio should be, overall, very successful. Spark a conversation, show, don’t tell, and never be over-sexual. That’s the best advice to keep at the forefront of your brain as you type away. Now, go put your best foot (and word!) forward and catch yourself a right-swipe!

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