Adam & Eve’s JoyStick Rechargeable Wand Will Change Your Life

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Adam & Eve JoyStick Rechargeable Wand long horizontal view
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The importance of sex toys in human lives can’t be stressed enough. Toys are beneficial in many ways; they provide more pleasure during sex and can also be used by people with medical conditions. For other people, sex toys are the easiest way to have an orgasm. This is why they’ve grown in popularity over the last few years. Sex toys come in different shapes, sizes, colors, and with a variety of features. However, if you need a long, flexible, and waterproof toy, opt for the Adam & Eve JoyStick Rechargeable Wand. Known for its amazing features, this 14.5-inch flexible wand has proven to be effective in helping couples and individuals orgasm just in time. Some of its unique features include: 

Adam & Eve JoyStick Rechargeable Wand flexed by two hands
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Super-Flexible Body

One of the unique features of the Adam & Eve JoyStick Rechargeable Wand is its ability to bend and flex just the way you want it. It enables you and your partner to enjoy some powerful and exciting vibrations. It’s one of the most bendable vibrators you’ll find in the online and offline market. This sex toy can be used in different positions, including cowgirl, doggy, and missionary. With its unique level of flexibility, you can also relax while stimulating the sensitive parts of your body. 

Two Vibrating Motors

Furthermore, the Adam & Eve Joystick Rechargeable Wand has two vibrating motors on each end to supply power and promote pleasure. It’s perfect for both beginners and experienced users. You’re free to pick from 7 different modes, which include multiple speeds. The mode you opt for should suit your body type and help you enjoy the ride to climax.

Easy To Use

In addition, this it’s easy to use. You only need to press the middle button to turn the vibrator on, then set it to the right level while having the time of your life. After use, turn it off, wipe it with a cloth, and you’re done.

Fully Waterproof

It strengthens the bond between couples, improves relationships, and comes fully waterproof. It’s never been easier to have fun in the bath or shower. Starting or ending your day with a powerful orgasm has never been easier.

Adam & Eve JoyStick Rechargeable Wand with USB charging cable
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Durable and Made of High-Quality Materials

The Adam & Eve Joystick Rechargeable Wand is made of soft, durable, and high-quality flexible silicone that’s always ready when you are. It’s also a high-performance toy. Meaning, when you choose an Adam & Eve Joystick Rechargeable Wand, you’re opting for non-stop excitement alone, with your partner, and beyond. 


Sex toys improve relationships and help strengthen the bond between partners. If you’re interested in buying a sex toy to improve your sex life, the bendable and super flexible Adam & Eve Joystick Rechargeable Wand is the perfect choice. This vibrator goes the distance with you, lasting up to an hour. Click here to buy one.

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